Chen Xiaoshan said with a smile:“Ha ha……Did i just say,You are just thinking,You don’t know what kind of person i am?”

Chen Shanshan’s lover suddenly reacted:“Ugh……wrong,This way,What do you do with the job you have now?Come here busy?”
“Of course it was handed over,I can’t always keep my position……”
“Then don’t you have to stay in the mountain city all year round?”Realize that I am50When he is old, he has to live a life of separation between husband and wife,Chen Xiaoshan’s lover suddenly became anxious:“I said what is going on with you?These are people who are about to retire,He’s still starting to move home?No way,I have to talk to your boss……”
“What to say?”When I heard my wife started to make trouble,Chen Xiaoshan is also anxious,He walked out quickly and shouted at the phone in a low voice:“Our boss said,Increase my annual salary10Ten thousand,Now is every year40Wan’s annual salary,In addition, the annual reimbursement amount and bonus、Welfare is also this number,This is eight hundred thousand,Coupled with the normal welcome and delivery every year,At least100Ten thousand,100Million!Do you know what this means??”
Chen Xiaoshan’s lover on the other side of the phone was really suppressed:The old man’s annual income has suddenly increased20Ten thousand?!
1994year,The average salary of the people is only three to four hundred yuan,There are many officials in the capital region,But even a leading cadre at the department level,One month’s salary is about 700 or 800 yuan,One year is ten thousand,Even if it is to count all kinds of benefits and welcome delivery,If you can have five to sixty thousand in a year,Every month on average5000,But the old man in my own house is extra20Ten thousand?!
She sneered twice,Want to say something,But I don’t feel confident:One year100Million,One year’s income is higher than others for 20 years,There is such a good thing,I don’t know how many leading cadres in the capital can break the head,If it wasn’t for Boss Chen,,Such a good thing can be my turn?
This truth,Chen Xiaoshan’s lover actually understands,It’s just that she is a little unwilling,Muttering:“That’s right,But you didn’t earn less,Besides, you are so old,Preparations are so tiring for the project……”
“Otherwise, why does the boss give me so much money??”Chen Xiaoshan interrupted his wife,Said:“Moreover,General manager of a large chemical base,It’s better to say it than to make a mess?”
Chen Xiaoshan’s words are poked in the most sensitive part of the lover’s heart,It was pretty good in the early years,Sino-foreign joint ventures,I don’t know how many people are envious of their boss’s job.,But these two years are different,With the development of China’s economy,The vision of the people in the capital has also improved,The car dismantling company never turned out to be tall“Foreign company”became“Torn down”,Although Lao Chen’s money is not less,,But the eyes of people around me started to look different,In the past few years, the look of envy and jealousy gradually disappeared,This has made it accustomed to being sought after for more than ten years、She is very unsuitable,Follow Lao Chen’s words and think,Chen Xiaoshan’s lover suddenly felt that the job transfer seemed good?At least it sounds too tall。
“This one……I didn’t say anything wrong?What are you violent at me?”The lover finds himself a step down:“I don’t understand your work anyway,But I just ask you,You work in Shancheng,How often can i come back?In addition,When can you transfer back?”
“This is exactly what i want to tell you,”Chen Xiaoshan, who was waiting here for his boss, smiled:“What the boss meant,Is it because you have retreated inward anyway?,And the children have already started a family、Have my own stall,Why don’t you come to Shancheng with me?。”
“I’ll go to the mountain city with you?”Chen Xiaoshan’s lover was a little surprised:“What am i going to do in mountain city?Say again……”