“Is there really no way??”When Liu Jiajun was about to leave,He turned around and asked。

“Am i embarrassing you?”Qin Feng asked lightly。
“No。”Liu Jiajun can’t speak without conscience。
“Yes,I didn’t embarrass you,In this situation,Are you embarrassed to embarrass me?I was almost killed,I still need to find evidence,Does it prove that I was almost killed??Doesn’t make sense?”
In this situation,What can i do?
Qin Feng is also serious about reasoning,But Liu Jiajun has also reached the point of speechlessness,He said sadly。
“I know,I will go back and deal with it,If this matter can’t be handled,Then I won’t be here either。”
“This time,I think everyone should know,What’s the situation on my side?。Redundant words,I don’t say,I only have one sentence,Do you want to have a relationship with Qingshui Village??”
“To know,Qingshui Village has always been called Crooked Neck Village before,why?Because people in that village can’t hold their heads up,What’s the situation now?That’s head upright。”
Although Liu Jiajun’s voice is loud,But there was a humiliating look on his face。
Some people here are still relaxed,But when Liu Jiajun’s voice broke out,,Everyone fell silent。
Some things everyone has a desire,But no one can do it。
“Mary next door,I’m not reconciled,Why do you do this?”
“I always thought,I’m better than anyone else,at this time,I don’t know what to say。”
“Ugh,This thing is really bad,If it wasn’t for that stupid leader,Even if we are not as good as Qingshui Village,But there is also a chance to eat fragrant and spicy food,What’s the mix now??I really don’t dare to think about it anymore。”
Many people shouted crazy,They also have some resentment,But there has always been no chance to break out。
Until this moment someone called out,There is no way to calm down their hearts。
Seeing these guys look like this,Liu Jiajun is also very satisfied,If nothing happens to these guys,He can’t do it in this situation?
“I’ve been asking Qin Feng several times,But every time I return to nothing,This time it’s different,I don’t know why he let go。”
But he told me one thing,That is as long as we drive away David’s capital,We can get the same treatment as other villages。