Lu Menglin saw this punch,Suddenly shouted magic,Because he can’t even tell,How did Fan Zhu break through Tu Ching’s two-handed defense just now?。

This punch has the meaning of changing the sky,Like a chestnut from a fire,White horse,Fleeting。
But after this fist broke through the defense,But it has become full of strength,Majestic,Suddenly have the momentum to hit Huanglong。
Faced with such a weird trick,Tu murmurs, but his heart is like still water,Calm face,Let the opponent’s fist break through the center line,Both arms are still very firm with tiger claws and cranes,Double click on the opponent’s shoulder and neck。
The audience exclaimed,Everyone watched this scene intently。
Fan Chu’s shoulder sank,Crooked neck,The positions of the two punches are vigorous at the same time,Blocked the attack of Tu Ching。
And while Tu Lingpu was punched in the chest by the opponent,Suddenly my chest sunken in half an inch,Make the opponent fail with a punch,Instead, he stuck that fist with his chest muscles。
The movements of both of them seemed to have stagnated at the moment of both punches.。
It seems like a lose-lose style of play,That’s why the audience exclaimed。
but,Lu Menglin saw some clues,This time,Tu Chanchun obviously gained the upper hand,Because the opponent’s punch was almost empty,But his double-click on the tiger crane actually hit the opponent’s body。
And Lu Menglin finally saw it,The battle between the Venerables is not that simple,They are all advanced arcane warriors,Strong body,Unlimited physical strength,And it has strong body protection,It’s hard to tell the winner in a short time。
The so-called fatal injury for ordinary warriors,In front of a strong man of the rank,It’s nothing。
No wonder the Arcanum warriors are crazy to work for the Hainuo Lab,Want more,A stronger secret medicine,That’s because they have tasted the power of the secret medicine,Can’t get rid of it anymore。

Chapter 581 Killer
At the moment when Lu Menglin was thinking about it,,The two great masters, Tu Lingchun and Fan Zhuo, have already competed,Became a stalemate of pure power。