“Japanese people can deposit funds within a fixed period,Or the bank will buy a fixed amount of gold from people’s accounts every month,When the product expires,The gold accumulated by the Japanese people can be cashed in or with gold bricks、Delivery in the form of gold coins or gold jewelry。”

“And Japanese law stipulates,There is no inheritance tax on buying gold for retirement and inheritance,So it is widely sought after by Japanese people,It also allows people to exchange a large part of their income and savings for holding in the form of gold。”
“In fact, this is why Japan is the second largest economy in the world,Japan holds up to two trillion US dollars in foreign exchange,But there are only a few hundred tons of official reserves.,Because they have enough gold in their hands,No need to reserve in official form anymore。”
“I go,Joe,How do you know this kind of thing?Why have I never heard of?”Michelle asked inexplicably。
“Yes indeed,Tianyu,I haven’t heard of it before?”Cui Kai also asked。
“These things are all Japan**Secretly made,Keep strictly confidential。”Qiao Tianyu explained。
Seeing Cui Kai and Michelle curious,Qiao Tianyu was the number one scam that deceived Japan in the 20th century.,Explain one by one。
Let’s talk about the number one scam in Japan in the 20th century,We have to start with the rise of the Japanese economy in the 1970s。
Since the Japanese economy took off in the 1970s,After decades of hard times, Japan has increased its foreign exchange reserves and gold reserves in various open or undisclosed ways.。
Especially gold reserves,For a long time,The total amount of gold imported by Japanese gold jewellers and gold coin manufacturers has long been the top spot in the world。
But what puzzles the world is,By the end of the 1980s,Japan’s foreign exchange reserves have leapt to the first place in the world,Up to2Trillion dollars,And maintained this number for a long time thereafter,But Japan’s open official gold reserves are always a few hundred tons.。
And the Japanese obviously don’t have Middle Easterners to gold jewelry、Indians and Chinese are obsessed,It is rare to see wearing gold and silver on the streets of Japan。
Where did the gold flowing into Japan go?,Once became a big unsolved case in the international financial world。
Then came the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis,At that time, under the short selling of financial predators such as Soros,Southeast Asia and Japan、The currencies of South Korea and other countries have been greatly affected,Financial systems in various countries are in danger。
However, after the financial crisis,Japan is the first to recover at an extremely fast pace,Has attracted the attention of many economists and economic research institutions around the world。