As for the people in the company who stayed for a long time,They know what Xiao Fan said,In fact, it is more about some young or newly appointed employees.。

They have always been conscientious in the company,So it’s not their turn to do anything extraordinary,This idea is also clear,So I should mention other employees more。
Let them know that the only criterion for staying in this company is to be able to carry out their work well,keep going,Otherwise you will be eliminated。
Xiao Fan said so much,After looking at everyone’s reactions, I still feel quite satisfied,After all in a meeting,There may be a lot of people running away,Or not listening to Xiao Fan’s speech carefully。
But this will not happen in Xiao Fan’s own company,Because some of Xiao Fan’s systems or other disciplines are very strict,But at the same time Xiao Fan will also give everyone a chance to combine work and rest。
If you are really tired, you can rest,Even they never have to work overtime on weekends,Unless someone really wants to keep improving their position,Or do more things to stay and work overtime。
But Xiao Fan disagrees with this approach,I especially hope that everyone can do what they should do at a suitable time,Only in this way can we truly achieve the highest efficiency。
Otherwise, it’s a waste of time or more energy,Can’t really do something well,I can’t really improve my efficiency。
Xiao Fan took a look at everyone’s reactions,Then continued:“Of course,I don’t mean to give you offense,Or let you do something,This is your own choice,You can choose to stay or leave。
Of course you can also choose to stay in place,You can also choose to keep moving forward. What I hope is that everyone can have their own goals,Know what you are doing,Know what to do,This is what you really should consider。
Otherwise, for others,Or it’s an ordeal for you,Is also a growing experience,I hope you can truly grow in our company,Be able to continuously improve their abilities。
Be able to truly go to the way you dream,This is what I really want to see,It’s what every one of you want to see。Come to Japan,Hope we can go hand in hand。”