There are faint lights flickering in the mine,Ahead is a corridor,No one around。

Hu Tianbiao opened the iron gate,The first one got out of the cable car,Lu Menglin followed。
The two are walking on this gravel-paved corridor,Squeaky underfoot,There is silence all around,As if there are only two of them in this huge space。
Came to the end of this passage,A stone gate in front,Hu Tianbiao opened his arms,Push hard with both arms,Two heavy stone gates slowly opened outward。
Hu Tianbiao stepped out with his left foot,Half of the body is inside the door,Turned and smiled:“come on!I have a brother covering you!Nothing!”
The voice has not fallen,I saw someone flashing outside the door。
Lu Menglin frowned slightly,While speeding up,Gently pushed on Hu Tianbiao’s shoulder。
This push,Suddenly, Hu Tianbiao could not help stepping through the crack of the door,The whole person got out。
Talking late,Then soon!A big black stick swept over,Hu Tianbiao。
If it weren’t for Lu Menglin’s vision,,Pushed him in time,Half of his body is stuck in the crack of the door,You have to hit the stick firmly。
Art of war,Halfway。This is the case。
While the enemy army is halfway across the river,Attack suddenly,Make the other party advance and retreat,Can only be beaten。
This move is in a fight,Also quite easy to use。Use terrain,When the other party is inconvenient,Active sneak attack,Do more with less。
Fortunately, Hu Tianbiao really has two brushes,Heard the wind coming,I don’t even think about it,Push hard,Protect the vitals。
boom!The stick hit his palms,Blocked,Not hurt。
Take advantage of the opponent’s exhaustion,Hu Tianbiao turned over with a strange python,Twist and swing,A palm knife slashed on the opponent’s head diagonally,He attacked the man with a stick and fell on his back。
Taking advantage of this momentary opportunity,Lu Menglin also stepped out of the tunnel,Standing next to Hu Tianbiao。
Whoosh!Whoosh!Two sticks came from the left and right sides again,One stroke,All goals point to Hu Tianbiao。