“almost!No matter the circle of chaos hits life or death,As long as the interests of the core circle are not touched,They usually ignore it。And i also know,The war between the seven major nations,Several of these are due to the outflow of new technologies from the core circle,I fought to test new technologies。”

Marshal Hu was once the military commander in Korea,High weight,Of course he is qualified to know some real inside stories,And these facts,It will never be known to ordinary people in the chaotic circle。
Everyone was silent for a while,Because the inner circle human race,Obviously different from most human races on this plane,They are stronger,More cold-blooded,Definitely not easy to deal with。
“but,This new year cocktail invitation from the core circle,Very likely to benefit us。”Marshal Hu thought for a while,Finally said。
“why?”Mi Xiaochong asked。
Marshal Hu glanced at the silent Lord Wu Hao,Said:“The enemy is now,The alien monster army is ready to move,Tie Qin country came to attack us for no reason,I was guilty of public anger,And it’s not in the interests of the core circle,Since the core circle has invited the heads of the Seven Great Powers to participate in the Xinhui Cocktail Party,Will definitely resolve this matter at the reception。”
Listen to Lu Menglin,Nod,Said with a smile:“I think so too。I decided to attend the New Year reception,It’s good to see the local customs of the core circle!”
One thousand two hundred and ninety-five chapters Break into the core circle
Over the South Korean border at night,A huge ship,A floating battleship the size of half an island,Standing quietly in the sky。
This floating warship,It’s famous“Big Fish”,This super battleship belonging to the inner circle,It is more than ten times larger than all the floating warships in the chaos circle,And the hull is not like those warships,Stick out densely packed cannons,But a whole,The smooth hull is like a huge jade,Shows the special beauty of geometric patterns。
Can’t see the weapon,It does not mean that there are no weapons on the Big Fish,Instead, it shows that this warship has the strongest confidence,And the level of technology far surpassing the chaotic circle。
Night Korea Space Class Floating Battleship Daijong,Slowly approached the Big Fish。
The closer,The people in the cabin were more amazed,The technological strength of the core circle is too strong,Hull of the Big Fish,Have a technological beauty beyond the times,And just to make such a huge hull suspended high in the sky,Itself is a shock,It means that this huge ship has an unimaginable powerful energy core,At least in magnitude,Dai Zong ship has been completely defeated。
“Night Korean Daizong Ship,Request entry。Repeat again,This is the Daizong Ship of Night Korea,Come to the New Year reception,Request entry。”Captain Gao Dajin on board Daizong,Sending landing requests to the Big Fish giant ship over and over again。
“Received request,Permission to enter the port!Please move the Daizong ship to port 13,Do docking login。”
On the big electronic screen of Dai Zong ship,There was a reply from Big Fish。
And at this moment,The upper left of the big fish,That is the position 30 kilometers away from the Daizong ship,Suddenly cracked a huge mouth,And there is a huge number flashing above,There is the thirteenth port。
Gao Dajin quickly ordered,Move closer to Port 13。
quickly,Ship Daizong slowly approached the port No. 13 of the huge ship Dayu。