“You borrowed my car last time,Had a car accident,Won’t return my car?”

Looking at Xiang Chen with anger,Han Yuxiang suddenly thought that the guy from this guy fainted herself last timewww.xynewenergy.,The anger in my heart won’t strike in an instant。But Korean Xiang also remembers,When I dared to go to Zhu Shiyao’s engagement ceremony,Whether Xiang Chen appears or leaves,I didn’t see my police in the parking lot.icar。
I never thought that the Korean Xiang would mention this,Rao is Xiang Chen ready,But still can’t help but froze for a while。
“Zhu Guosheng didn’t accompany you?He said that he would donate ten cars to your detachment in my name,Go to him directly,Don’t come to me!”
When talking,Xiang Chen’s disgust,Obviously for Zhu Guosheng’s reckless behavior,Also a little contemptuous。
“Don’t want to change the subject with me!Say,What the hell is going on with that old construction site?”
Han Yuxiang stared at Xiang Chen,Fierce gaze,There is a posture of not giving up if you fail to achieve your goal。
“That’s it,You are brave,Haven’t some criminals been arrested and brought to justice?!”
Xiang Chen laughed,But I don’t even want to touch those single pages about Tiger Soul。
&nbGaze,Han Yuxiang noticed that Xiang Chen did not act,It’s also more mature。
Some people want more,Will cover up,And Xiang Chen obviously cannot be summarized into this kind of people,He must have received some special training,Otherwise face people like yourself,I won’t be so calm and calm。
I wanted to stimulate Xiang Chen,After all, his weapons were taken away,There are not many people who can still be indifferent。But when it comes to the lips,Han Yuxiang not only held back,I also thought of a more exciting。
Staring at Xiang Chen,There is some evil in his eyes,Pretending to be careless:“Even if you don’t admit it,We all have a conclusion in our hearts。It’s just that the drug dealers have bad luck this time,Met you。But who is out of luck next time,That’s hard to say。Not afraid to tell you,They are just one of the sources,Don’t knock these people out,The world where those medicines will circulate。”
What more Han Yuxiang wants to say,But inadvertently caught a glimpse of Xiang Chen’s face,It’s better to decide whether to state the facts well。Keep saying:“You’re good,But after all, some people don’t have the ability like you,When in danger,They don’t know how to save themselves。We do have a lot to improve,This is undeniable,But there is one more that cannot be obliterated,For so many years,Those of us also protect the light behind us from darkness,Gave a lot。”
The Korean voice of Xiang falls,Xing Rufeng also continued:“Maybe it’s a coincidence,With the news we have now,The colleagues in the Drug Enforcement Department have been looking for them for a long time,The evidence in their hands is enough to prevent them from harming others for the rest of their lives,But now the new problem is,Those new reagents,We have not contacted relevant information before。That means there are new types of drugs,And is quietly,Mass dissemination。Ask,Boundaries like Wanghai have appeared,The whole country and the world?Mr. Xiang, you can understand,Those of us are facing the darkness of the whole world,But to defend some inviolable things,It always takes some people who cannot do it。”
“Use what you said,Mayfly shaking the tree is not just ridiculous,And respectable!”
Xing Rufeng is the last to speak,The Korean language Xiang also added a new sentence,What Xiangchen said to her before。
Xiang Chen couldn’t help laughing,I feel like shooting myself in the foot。
“Why don’t you go talk about the debut of cross talk!”