So Father Su spoke in advance,Take the initiative to hand over the authority of the Su family to Su Yunlei, who has a good relationship with Lu Menglin,Also to prevent the most embarrassing situation from happening。

To know,If Lu Menglin insisted that Su Yi’s mother and daughter enter the Su family,Su Family,I’m afraid no one would dare to say nothing,Besides, he cured the old man Su’s stubborn illness,You are kind to the Su clan。
“Aunt Su,See if there is anything else to say,New hatred,Solved it all together?”Lu Menglin looked back and smiled at Su Yi’s mother and daughter,Casually。
He said,It was mostly a joke,But in the ears of the Su family members present,But like a bolt from the blue,Could not help but shiver。
Especially like Su Jing,Even scared to death,Trembling,It feels like being settled by the Queen of Autumn。
Those who have insulted and abused Su Yi’s mother and daughter,The Su family who were not very kind to them,Are all about the same as Su Jing,Bowed their heads with guilty conscience,For fear of being identified by Su Yi。
Su Yi is supported by a surnamed Lu,At this time, Father Su and Su Jianfeng must also be on their side.,So as long as it’s someone named by Su Yi,Is destined to be the ultimate victim of this struggle。
Su Yi looks calm,My eyes swept across many relatives,In the end, the line of sight returned to Lu Menglin’s body。
“The past,I don’t want to care anymore。As for the place you mentioned,I stayed for a few days,Really amazing。Let me go with Grandpa and Uncle!”
Su Yi’s words,Immediately let the Su family with guilty conscience breathe a sigh of relief。
“Snow marks,You go with me too!We are there waiting for him。”Su Yi’s next words,But I told my daughter。
Her meaning is obvious,Although I don’t object to my daughter being with Lu Menglin,,But I don’t want my daughter to take risks with that kid,It’s better to return to Jingshen Valley,Build a home there,Wait for him to return。
Su Xuehen blinked,I set my eyes on Lu Menglin too。