But this time disappointed Qiao Tianyu,Qiao Tianyu put the next“Diplomatic bond”I sorted out all the transaction records for four to five years,But Qiao Tianyu was surprised。

In the late 1980s, a large Southeast Asian consortium squeezed in“Diplomatic bond”Time,“Diplomatic bond”The trading market has been booming for a while。
However, this boom lasted for less than three months,The entire trading market has returned to silence with the completion of the Southeast Asian consortium.。
Four to five years after this,“Diplomatic bond”The trading market never produced any big waves,Transaction prices have been sluggish,Stable at a very low price。
And those big Southeast Asian consortia seem to have forgotten that they are still holding“Diplomatic bond”this matter,I don’t see them increase or decrease positions,There has not been any change in position。
I’ll wipe it!
what’s the situation?
7000Billion dollars!
To know,This money can be regarded as a huge sum of money no matter what era or country it is placed in.,How can those big consortia in Southeast Asia say forget and forget,No matter what, they won’t be so rich!
wrong!Qiao Tianyu certainly does not believe that these large Southeast Asian consortia have forgotten the money,They must have a conspiracy in it!
But what is the conspiracy of those big Southeast Asian consortia?,Since they have eaten in“Diplomatic bond”It’s been more than five years now,No matter how long the plot is, it should be over.,But why haven’t they seen any movement until now??
strange!Really weird!
Of course,Qiao Tianyu is not“Eat radish and worry about it”,I have to worry about the big Southeast Asian consortia。
To know,“Diplomatic bond”But Mr. Wu Wenjie gave Qiao Tianyu a blockbuster nuclear weapon to contain the United States,Qiao Tianyu wants to be“Diplomatic bond”Big fuss on the trading market,You have to find out“Diplomatic bond”The bottom line。
Then Qiao Tianyu can’t bypass the heavy warehouse holding“Diplomatic bond”Southeast Asia Consortium,Want to make“Diplomatic bond”The trading market works for me,Or cooperate with those big Southeast Asian consortia,Or wipe them out completely,No other choice!
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no way,It seems that only“Diplomatic bond”Historical transaction data,It is indeed impossible to analyze the true purpose of those large Southeast Asian consortia,Then we can only rely on external forces!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu went out and called Michelle into the study,Tell Michelle about his current predicament,And told her the names of those big Southeast Asian consortia。