and,Except that you can makeF100Of flight crews easily and seamlessly transition toF150Outside of the model,We are also trying our best to makeF150versusF100Ground maintenance equipment to achieve universal,Reduce the cost of users purchasing ground maintenance equipment。”

There is such a good thing?
Not only has lower training costs,COMAC has even thought of helping airlines reduce their daily maintenance work.?Officials from various regional aviation administrations,I couldn’t help thinking about it……
While the officials of various regional aviation administrations are making their own calculations,The officials of various local governments are not idle,They are not very clear about civil aviation,But this does not prevent them from observing the changes in the facial expressions of their colleagues in the civil aviation system to get the answers they want.:Civil aviation system is very interested in this aircraft of COMAC。
That’s it!
The civil aviation system is interested in this aircraft,It means that COMAC producesF100/F150No worries about selling these two aircraft,It also means that if the project can be introduced locally,Hehe……
First776chapter Seminar:under
Because of seeing the future,In Chen Geng’s next introduction to this aviation industry cluster,Everyone listened very seriously。
After introducing the idea of this aviation industry cluster to everyone in detail,Chen Geng said:“Our goal,FokkerF100/F150Airliner at the core,From the hardware and software level,Established from the whole machine manufacturing and maintenance、Production and repair of parts,To air service、Aviation operations、Aviation finance and other whole industry chains,We also hope,Local governments can increase support for the aviation industry at the policy level,Broaden the investment and financing channels of the aviation industry,Through talent、capital、information、Technology All Elements、Multi-domain integration,Optimize the development environment of the aviation industry,Build it into an aviation industry city with important influence at home and abroad……”
At this moment,The leaders at the scene can no longer control,Applause spontaneously。
No wonder everyone is so excited,before this,Everyone is accustomed to thinking that the way to make money in aviation manufacturing is actually very simple:Aircraft manufacturers produce airplanes,Then sell,It’s that simple。
Although the annual output is small,But it can’t stand the price,AF100The basic price of the airliner will be1200Ten thousand U.S. dollars,If you install some customized things,Easily surpass1500Ten thousand U.S. dollars,One year production48frame,One year is more than five billion US dollars in output value,Not only can provide a large number of local jobs,And there are many hotels available around this aircraft factory、food、stay、Retail and other service industries。
Everyone’s understanding of the so-called aviation industrial park is limited to this.,Unexpectedly, Chen Geng’s vision for this aviation industry cluster is actually like this,After listening to Chen Geng’s introduction,Everyone has the feeling:Look at Chen Geng,How high-end you play,No wonder people have so much money,Really……Tut……
Speaking of which,Chen Geng suddenly changed the topic:“There are no outsiders here today,I believe that everyone is a party member with a firm belief in communism,So I can tell you some things in advance……”