“What do you want?”Yao Chen stared at Qin Feng,There is a big meaning to start fighting。

“Very simple,I don’t care if you want to come out and support the Zhang family,Anyway, we are here to negotiate some interest,Didn’t you trick Qiao Shan with the medicine Xiaoqin before??Now hand over Yao Xiaoqin,We leave immediately。”Qin Feng finally stated his purpose。
of course,It’s only for Qiao Shan。
“Humph,wishful thinking,How can our pharmacist members let you take away casually!”Yao Xin scolded,After all, some of his dog legs were directly killed by Qin Feng,He was already angry,Although Qin Feng has a bomb tied to his body,But young people like him don’t believe that Qin Feng really dared to die together.。
“Is there a place for you to talk?Get out of me,Otherwise, I will kill you!”The gun in Qin Feng’s hand changed its direction and pointed directly at Yao Xin。
The latter swallowed,He thinks Qin Feng will not detonate the bomb.,But I dare to shoot,Because I’ve shot a few people before。
“Yao Xin,To shut up!”Yao Chen scolded。
After all, he also thinks this bastard is doing things,As the owner,In this case, he should negotiate。
“Qin Feng, right??Do you know the consequences of offending our ancients??”
“Ha ha,Don’t involve the ancients,Besides,Your pharmacist counts Qiao Shan,I’m not allowed to get revenge?Qiao Shan is not a member of the ancients?Everyone from the ancient clan brothers passing by will look at the face of Yaochen,Is their pharmacist too shameless??You usually bully your other ancient people, right??”
Qin Feng added salt and vinegar,Say the pharmacist is the kind of village tyrant who knows to bully his fellow villagers。
“Yes indeed,Pharmacist seems to have always been the most ruthless one of our Kunlun Six Ancient Clan。”
“I’m afraid it feels too,They often like to bully other members of our race,It’s good that their pharmacists have the majority。”
Onlookers began to discuss,Because they suddenly felt,What Qin Feng said is not unreasonable。Pharmacist,Really look down on other ancient races,Even always use them。
They didn’t care much before,After all, they all live in the same place,It’s like a neighbor。Sometimes you need to help each other?
But now listening to what an outsider said,Remembering what happened before,it is good
It’s like the Qiao family is really pitiful being bullied!