Although this explanation is a bit old-fashioned,But it can vividly interpret their current state。

A large number of soldiers with high-end modern weapons stationed at the door,As long as the man in black dares to move forward,They shot immediately,Beat it into a hornet’s nest。
This is their first defense,Is a huge firepower net。
Just useful?
Even if those bullet collars have been specially modified,Can break through the aura defense on the surface of the warrior,But for the masters in the Holy Land,I want to avoid them like playing house。
Xia Chenglong glanced into the distance,He doesn’t have much time to play tricks,So the next behavior is really cruel。
The eyes of the soldiers watched the black-robed men take steps,Someone’s hands are tightly holding the weapons in their hands,Because I was too nervous,Fired the first shot。
Other unknown people followed,So in an instant,The fired bullet glowed as it passed through the air,At this moment in the distant field of vision,This is a fire net。
The aura of Xia Chenglong’s body exploded,The strong wind attribute exudes terrible power,Directly centered on him,Form a tornado。
As for those bullets,Not even a fart in front of this tornado。
Extend an arm from the black robe,Go to the throat of the guy in front of you,This person was raised,can not breath,Unable to move,Only fear。
Throw people out as weapons,Lead to a domino effect,Powder fell on the ground,painfully**And rolling around。