This punch is the cannon punch of the Xingyi Five Elements punch,To《Zhen Wu Ju Li Jue》Destroy,It is the most powerful of the fist moves that Lu Menglin has learned so far,The farthest attack range。

This punch contains real power,Fist moves the body type,Lu Menglin’s whole body shot out like a cannonball,Blasted the old man。
As long as she is a body of flesh and blood,It is impossible to be indifferent to the power of this punch。
Lu Menglin’s shot is a life-threatening technique,Just do my best,Don’t care about the difference in strength,It coincides《Zhenwu Powerful Jue》The meaning of。
Only righteousness,In order to make a forward fist!
While Lu Menglin punched,Exhale,A long white breath came out of the mouth,Like an arrow。
Hum!This punch broke through,Power through the fist,It made a popping sound like fried beans,This is Lu Menglin so far,The strongest punch。
however,Lu Menglin’s artillery fist did not hit the old nun,But the flower in front of you just missed。
Missed,This feeling of power nowhere to vent,Makes Lu Menglin feel extremely uncomfortable,Grit your teeth,Almost cramped。
But the old nun just moved a step sideways slightly,It’s not too easy。
“Practice boxing but not pile,Fight harder,Empty shelf,Unreachable。”Old nun frowns,Disdainful。
Lu Menglin gritted his teeth,Hula swept across,Go straight to the waist of the old nun。
Legs have a larger attack range than fists,And more powerful,It’s just that Lu Menglin has never practiced legwork,The strength of this leg is used instead of skillful punching。
Sweep this leg out,He doesn’t even believe in kicking someone,It’s just a kind of weak vent。
Don’t know how to face this leg,The old nun couldn’t avoid it,Just stand still,Gave him a kick。
wrong!exactly,The opponent didn’t let him kick,But at the moment of the middle leg,Flip the palm lightly,Blocked by the waist。