Although we talked about dealing with Americans,Qiao Tianyu has long been mentally prepared to be played by the Americans,But I didn’t expect Americans to be such a rogue,You can even play the tricks of deducting money and not returning it.,It’s really not worth its image as the world’s largest country!

“I rub,What is this called,Americans are going to be too damn shameless?!”I heard that Americans would do this,Even Geordaye stopped doing it。
“They don’t want to shoot‘Diplomatic bond’Say it early,Why are you still holding the money?‘Diplomatic bond’Hold on,What kind of thing is this?Is this the principle of free and equal trade that Americans have always upheld??”
“okay,Stop scolding,Get used to it!”Qiao Tianyu turned around and patted Qiao Daye on the shoulder and said。
“Daye,But one thing you are right,Since the Americans don’t want to make a move‘Diplomatic bond’,They don’t need to sell them all over the world‘Diplomatic bond’,So they have only one purpose!”Qiao Tianyu stretched out a finger,Then turned to look at Xu Jiahao who was aside。
“Yes,Tianyu, you guessed it,This time the Americans went around such a big circle,Such a big game,Their purpose is to fish!”Xu Jiahao nodded,Explained。
“Since the four major consortia in Southeast Asia have been buying wildly‘Diplomatic bond’after that,Americans know that someone wants to take‘Diplomatic bond’Make an article。”
“And the Americans also know that the strength of the four major consortia in Southeast Asia alone,Is not enough to buy7000One hundred million U.S. dollars‘Diplomatic bond’of,Americans don’t know who the boss behind Southeast Asia is,So they thoughtDBLPBond idea。”
First0491chapter Chicken ribs!Chicken ribs!
“Americans useDBLPThe bond was not only successfully locked‘Diplomatic bond’,And also‘Diplomatic bond’Put it there as bait for fishing。”Xu Jiahao then explained。
“As long as anyone dares to redeem‘Diplomatic bond’,Then this person must want to use‘Diplomatic bond’Hit the U.S.,Then the Americans can take the opportunity to block and freeze all the assets of this person,So as to solve once and for all‘Diplomatic bond’Dilemma!”
“so,Americans are solving‘Diplomatic bond’The predicament is moving my brain,So dealing with‘Diplomatic bond’Be cautious,Don’t redeem it rashly ‘Diplomatic bond’,Otherwise, it will end up with both people and money.!”
“Uh uh,Yes,It seems‘Diplomatic bond’It is indeed a rose with thorns,Too uncomfortable!”Qiao Tianyu nodded vigorously。
Xu Jiahao reminded you right,Now in the world offshore financial market war,The strength of Qiao Tianyu and the petrodollar system was originally inferior to the British and American forces.。
If again because“Diplomatic bond”And the assets were frozen by the U.S.,Then Qiao Tianyu and the petrodollar system will only have to disarm and surrender.!
But then again,“Diplomatic bond”It is the biggest killer of Qiao Tianyu and Mr. Wu Wenjie to suppress the United States.,If you just give up“Diplomatic bond”,Qiao Tianyu’s heart is very unwilling!
I thought I found itDBLPXu Jiahao, the designer of the bond,Can find the crack“Diplomatic bond”Dilemma,But I didn’t expect that now“Diplomatic bond”It became a chicken rib,The tasteless food is a pity,Really embarrassed!
How to do,What should we do?