But turning to Ma Binghao should be thinking of his identity,His face immediately became a normal look,Continue to say to Xiao Fan:

“You think all men in the world are as shameless as you,When the little white face eats soft rice,Can be so arrogant。My Ma Binghao, the young son of the Ma family,Tens of millions of net worth,Will i need soft rice?What a joke!”
Ma Binghao finished this to Xiao Fan,He even showed an expression of contempt at Xiao Fan。
Who knew Xiao Fan actually shrugged his shoulders indifferently,Then said:“Congratulations!No need to eat soft rice!But?This auction will start soon,You want to continue to be etiquette at the door?I personally have no opinion,But please let me,Don’t block our way。”
When I heard Xiao Fan’s words,Ma Binghao said triumphantly:“Yeah yeah,You should hurry in,Otherwise,The area of No. 3 area is filled with people,but,I don’t have to worry about this,Because of the location of area two,It’s not something ordinary people can sit on。”
At this time,Xiao Fan just figured out why Ma Binghao wanted to wait for himself here,It turns out that you have this kind of careful thinking!
But?Xiao Fan really does not understand this Ma Binghao,He is a man who even bought more than 5 million wedding dresses,I actually came here stupidly with myself, who has spent more than 5 million on a wedding dress to have more money than anyone?
This person’s head doesn’t look good?
If it’s not a bad brain,That’s when I went out today,His head must have been squeezed through by the door。
Xiao Fan shook his head helplessly,Then said something:“Correct,You are right。”
Just when Ma Binghao was triumphant,When Xiao Fan passed by his side,Then quietly said to Ma Binghao:
“If I am not mistaken,You bought the set of angel wings,Kindly remind you,I paid for that wedding dress。”
After Xiao Fan said such a sentence,Pulling Lin Yuna into the auction company。
Ma Binghao turned his head in shock,Look at Lan Yingying,Then asked:“Yingying,Did you hear it?What does he mean?”
Lan Yingying ignored Ma Binghao,Just say:“All right,You are struggling with this,Didn’t you see that little white face he has already entered??”
Ma Binghao just recovered,really,Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona have really entered the company。
“How can this be,Yingying,We hurried to catch up with them,If you let them go in,Then don’t we just wait here for nothing。Go fast!”Ma Binghao is talking here,I took Lan Yingying and walked quickly towards the auction company。