[Coffee Latte Practice]_Coffee Latte_How to Do_How to Do

[Coffee Latte Practice]_Coffee Latte_How to Do_How to Do

Latte coffee, I believe that everyone should often drink it in life, coffee has a certain refreshing effect to relieve fatigue, understand how it is made, then you can also add some toffee according to your taste, this willDrink more refreshing and mellow.

First, the production process of chocolate syrup: 165 grams of granulated sugar, 110 grams of sugar-free cocoa powder, 125 grams of water, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (5ML), 1 pinch of salt (put in 1/8 teaspoon) (reference ingredients: about(310ML) Second, method / step 1, pour fine sugar into a milk pan / pan, add salt, sieved cocoa powder 2, slowly pour in water, and continue to stir with an eggbeater while pouring (only stirring,3. Put the pot on the stove, heat over medium heat and keep stirring until it boils.

4. During the heating process, the sugar will melt and become thinner alternately.

Heat for a total of about 3 minutes. After boiling, you can turn to low heat and stir slowly. After cooking, add vanilla extract and pour into a clean container without cooling.

After cooling, sealed and stored in the refrigerator.

It can be stored for 2 weeks and 6 days. After making the chocolate syrup, first make 60ML espresso 7 with an espresso machine, add chocolate syrup and caramel syrup to the coffee cup, pour the brewed espresso, and stir once. 8, milkUse a steam tube to froth the milk.

Pour the milk foam onto the espresso coffee9, inlaid the whipped cream in the flower bag, and squeeze the coffee with a laminated cardboard flower mouth as a decoration.

Squeeze the chocolate syrup and sprinkle with cocoa powder for decoration.