Beijiao Office opened, SMEs hope to come to "Yunni"

  Text / Li Sihui November 15, 2021, will be remembered by the Chinese capital market.

China ‘s Third Larger Stock Exchange – Beijing Stock Exchange is officially opened. Xu Ming, chairman of the Beijiao, said in the opening ceremony, and the intersection of the "big" of the country "was built. (November 15th Xinhuanet) The Beijiao Institute officially opened the market, and it was a major innovation initiative to deepen the new three board reforms after the official introduction of the selection of selection in July last year. The strategic positioning of the North Exchange is "Building a Service Innovative SME Large Position", which means that there will be more innovative SMEs will have the opportunity to obtain listing, and the financing scope of the capital market will be further expanded, and those thirst in financing After many years of high-quality SMEs, they finally hoped to come to "Yun Ni".

  SMEs are the main force of my country’s national economy and social development. Data statistics, my country’s SME contributed more than 50% of tax, more than 60% of GDP, more than 70% of technology innovation, more than 80% of urban labor employment, more than 90% of the number of companies.

However, SMEs face many difficulties and problems in the development process, including difficult financing, slow financing, and both financing are both urgent issues. Small and medium-sized businesses are small, and there are not many assets that are guaranteed and mortgage, often difficult to meet the bank’s credit audit standards. Regardless of the deputy, the listing threshold is high.

In the past 30 years, companies that have been able to support funds from capital markets are less than 1% of national enterprises.

  The meaning of the North Exchange is to continuously improve the fitness and adaptability of the market and innovative SMEs, so that the capital market covers more wide, so that the innovation of the company is more powerful, and has become a strong force for the high-quality development of innovative SMEs. "accelerator".

The North Exchange has cultivated a group of specialized new SMEs. While solving some of the high-quality SMEs direct financing problems, it will also form a capital market to support the distinctive orientation of scientific and technological innovation, and further stimulate corporate innovation and entrepreneurship. Injection of new vitality into enterprise technology innovation. The 81 stocks of the first batch of Beijiao, 71 of which panted the stock of the new three board selection, and there were 10 new listings in the first day. On the 15th, there were many new shares on the morning, N-crystare, etc., soared. This is also aware of the enthusiasm of investors and even the public to small and medium-sized technology enterprises, and the sincere expectations of SMEs have substantive breakthroughs in technology innovation.

For companies that have already logged in to the Beijiao or wish to log in to the Beijiao, I will pay attention to the research and development of technology research and development, and I also need to continuously improve the company governance, regulate the operation of enterprises, and improve the market competitiveness.

  The difficulties and problems encountered in today’s private companies are mainly "three mountains": the market’s icebergs, financing alpine, transition volcano.

From the system to help more SME over the "financing mountain", obtain the empowerment of the capital market, become the EMU, and the North Exchange has been sent very much.

The "big man of the country" is built, Jian Yingjiao, work in the country, and significant.

Editor in charge: Wang Shi Wei.