Beijing: Today, he hesones "the air" 18 million parties emergency insurance for natural gas reserves.

  With the official arrival of the heating season, Beijing Gas Group winter natural gas insurance is fully launched. The reporter learned from the Beijing Gas Group that the Beijing Municipal Government has been put into production in the natural gas emergency reserve facilities in Tangshan Cao Handian, which can provide billions of cubic meters of natural gas as emergency reserve resources in this winter heating season. There is more "bottom gas". Before the arrival of the heating season, Beijing Gas Group has signed "2021-2022 natural gas purchase sales contract" with upstream enterprises. From January to October this year, the two ships purchased by Beijing Gas Group, the Tangshan LNG Receiving Station wharf successfully stopped and unloaded successfully, and it was able to provide emergency insurance for natural gas in this winter. This winter, the birthplace of natural gas resources in this winter is overall. Natural gas from the long-distance transport line to the final entering the citizen, the middle must pass 4 regulation, transition to 5 level systems to meet the needs of different terminals. In order to protect the winter, Beijing Gas Group has carried out special maintenance inspections in the city gas pipe network, equipment and facilities in advance, 20,000 pressure regulating station boxes, 20,000 kilometers of pipeline and 10 important door stations. The pull-on investigation has been completed. In order to address the extreme conditions, Beijing Gas Group cooperates with the Beijing Municipal Management Committee to formulate Beijing’s emergency insurance for the prevention plan; for the prevention and control of the epidemic, establish a key user "one-on-one" special guarantee plan. At the same time, the LNG Emergency Reserve Center in Beijing is normal, and the distribution station is operating, providing peaks, reserves and transit services for rural "coal", liquefied natural gas users, ensuring stable supply of natural gas users in the city. In order to protect the "coal to gas" users in rural areas in the winter, the Beijing Gas Group has established a docking mechanism with each village committee, set up a gas community, reasonably set up a rural region, and develop an emergency and safeguard for the village. Be "a village one plan".

While strengthening gas facilities in rural areas, there is enough equipment and vehicles to ensure safe and stable supply in rural areas. At the same time, the Beijing Gas Group has completed the debugging and maintenance of the LNG Emergency Reserve, adopted a gridized inspection mechanism, and the village docking contact, ensuring timely response, and resolving user needs.

  Beijing Gas Group has established a three-level command dispatcher system of urban management networks, and the city’s gas pipeline operations are fully monitored, and the gate stations and large gas facilities have a special person worth 24 hours.

In addition, Beijing Gas Group has set up more than 100 emergency disposal points in Beijing, and more than 400 employees have been arranged every day, ensuring that all kinds of emergencies are quickly and effectively disposed.

  During the winter, the Beijing Gas Group 96777 hotline will provide 24-hour full-line service.

Gas safety butler and community and the street have established a "one-on-one" docking mechanism, improve gas service workers response and time limits, and more than 90 gas service centers provide all-weather intimate service for gas users in the city.

(Reporter Wang Tianqi).