China-ASEAN High-level Zhikou Forum Video Conference was held

On December 11, China-ASEAN High-level Zhikou Forum Video Conference was held. Representatives from China and Experts in ASEAN countries gathered in the online way, surrounding "Unity Collaboration, Focusing Development, and Pushing China – ASEAN Comprehensive Strategic Partnership" in-depth discussion, for China-ASEAN relationship contributing wisdom , Cohesion consensus. Wang Jiarui, Chairman of China Song Qingling Foundation, said in speech that China and ASEAN establish a dialogue relationship for 30 years, and the relationship between the two parties has achieved leap-forward development.

At present, China ASEAN has entered a new stage of comprehensive strategic partners, and China is willing to build a more close Chinese-ASEAN fate community. Member of the Cambodian Constitutional Council, former deputy prime minister Gay Borace believes that ASEAN and China have common interests and common expectations. ASEAN – China’s comprehensive strategic partnership is formed by both parties on mutual trust. I hope that the future will further strengthen communication, enhance mutual trust, and jointly maintain regional peace, security, prosperity and sustainable development, and benefit the people of the ASEAN and the Chinese people. At the president of the Thai Cultural Economics Association, the President of the Thai Congress, the President of the President of the Thailand, the establishment of "a belt all the way" is an important part of ASEAN China’s cooperation, which helps to promote agenda and green development. "The cooperation between ASEAN and China is the support of multilateralism. It will enhance our strength and confidence in the victory of the common challenge. The cooperation between ASEAN and China will certainly achieve greater success, realize mutual benefit and common prosperity." Laos Saba Lingshawa said that the international and regional situations are experiencing profound changes, maintaining peace and stability is the common desire of regional countries. We look forward to working with China to effectively implement regional comprehensive economic partnership agreements, promoting national development strategies to "all the way" initiative, co-construction peace, peace, prosperity, beautiful, friendly home. Vietnam’s former deputy prime ministers said that in the past 30 years, ASEAN-China relations have become one of the most dynamic and fruitful relationships of ASEAN with dialogue partnerships.

Currently, ASEAN countries are facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges from new crown pneumonia, natural disasters, etc., strengthen cooperation with China is conducive to enhancing the well-being of all countries. "We are more united, working in hand, promoting the development of ASEAN – China’s comprehensive strategic partnership, and make important contributions to the promotion of regional and even world peace, security, stability and sustainable development.

"The President of the New Asian Strategy Research Center of Malaysia said that China has proposed to build a healthy silk road, the digital silk road, the green silk road and other initiatives, providing a valid path for a win-win cooperation in the region. ASEAN Summit has passed the blue economy Declaration, establishing China – ASEAN blue economic partnership should be one of the future cooperation of both parties.

The founder of the Indonesian Foreign Policy Association, former deputy director Dino believes that ASEAN and China should further promote communication in humanities.

The strong civil opinion foundation helps to enhance mutual trust, further promote the development of ASEAN and China.

Singapore Foreign Ministry Tour Ambassador, Wang Jingrong, Secretary-General of the ASEAN, said that this year we ushered in the 30th anniversary of establishing a dialogue relationship with China.

Enter the next 10 years, both parties should continue to deepen trade investment cooperation, promote digital economic development, strengthen cooperation between green finance, renewable energy, and strive to achieve sustainable development.

Darren Dresis before the Philippine House of Representatives, said that the world economy is working hard from the new coronal pneumonia epidemic situation, regional and global cooperation is increasingly important. In the face of epidemic challenges, ASEAN and China will continue to watch help and unite cooperate. "I hope to build a multilateral future through organization.

"Myanmar Strategy and International Research Institute Wu Duan said that ASEAN-China relations entered a new era, we will welcome new cooperative opportunities, both parties and trade, humanities and other fields to have bright future.

The Forum was jointly held by the China People’s Diplomatic Society, China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute, Indonesian Strategy and International Problem Research Center, Singapore National University East Asian Institute. The guest consistently believes that in the past 30 years, China has adhered to the ASEAN countries to respect each other, cooperate with a win-win, and bilateral relations have achieved milestones.

I look forward to the two sides to work in hand, to open up more bright prospects for the China-ASEAN’s comprehensive strategic partnership, and make greater contributions to regional peace and stability and development prosperity.