Do not live up to the largest voters!Baoshan District leaders go to the regions of the candidates to meet with voters

In the Xiqi Village Village Committee of Luo Shi Town, Li Ping, director of the Standing Committee of District People’s Congress, met with voters in Baoshan District.

Li Ping introduced his own work experience and binds to work, expressing the wishes for electors.

She said that if she can be elected, she will actively perform representative responsibilities, and seriously participate in the representative contact community activities, further pay attention to the all-in-law problem of the masses, classification, grading, actively coordinated, and effectively promote the problem solving.

She said that the representative of the People’s Congress should be based on the position, actively play the role, and in-depth selection, listen to the proposal proposal, to present the regional economic development and advice, and live up to the expectations of the voters.The Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress will actively play representative roles, establish a valid platform for the representative to close contact with the masses, and promote the representative of the People’s Congress to ground the ground, the people’s situation, and the migration, and Huimin students.