Beijing will establish a local name management public participation mechanism

  The Municipal Planning Natural Resources Committee and the Civil Affairs Bureau have recently issued the "Opinions on Further Improvement of the Location of Public Service." "Opinions" said that in the 14th period, the city will complete all kinds of place name database integration, using big data to make a famous supervision, establish and improve the full process of exchange, management, use, and rated public services. mechanism. "Opinions" also proposed to establish a local name management public participation mechanism, increasing the public’s attention, participation. According to reports, with big data thinking guided the name management, it is important for strengthening the literary heritage protection and inheritance of the place name, and continuously enhances the public service level of the city.

Based on the place name specified by the Place Name Management Regulations, the standard place name will be released through the Beijing Municipal Mendear Public Service Platform.

According to the public demand, the category of the place name public service can be appropriately added. "Opinions" propose specific measures to improve the public service level, which is to establish standard place name information exchange mechanisms, improve standard place name issuing mechanism, establish and improve standard place name mechanism, build standard place name database supervision feedback mechanism, and establish place name management Public participation mechanism.

  Among them, in terms of standard place name information exchange mechanism, all relevant units need to establish information sharing exchange mechanisms and rules for local name data.

The place name data generated by each member unit should be regularly transferred to the Municipal Planning Natural Resources Committee; in the release mechanism, the standard place name information shall promptly release the official website of the Municipal Planning Natural Resources, which is convenient for public inquiries, use; in the usage mechanism, each The relevant unit should transform the name of the name service. Through the "Beijing Plan Network" to continue to provide place name services to the public, provide standardized names and maps to the local name and map usage units; in the construction of standard place name database supervision feedback mechanism, each unit It is necessary to encourage Internet map service units, various maps to prepare units, and the public, and feedback on the official release channels of "Beijing Place Name Network" through "online error correction" "problem feedback" and telephone. . It is worth mentioning that the "Opinions" proposed to establish a local name management public participation mechanism. All relevant units should increase the promotion and display of traditional place to protect the list of traditional place, increase the public’s attention, participation, participation, and naming for place name, should be widely listened to the public opinions, formation of government, experts, and public tripartite linkage mechanism. (Internship reporter Deer Yang) (Original title: Using big data to strengthen the protection inheritance construction platform to let public "online error correction" this city will establish a place name management public participation mechanism).