Digital Economy + Headquarters Economy + Hub Economy! Huishan District Heavy Declaration Industry Development Latest Domain

Modern Express (Reporter Jin Chen Element) On the morning of June 9, the Modern Express reporter learned from the 2020 Huishan District "Three Economics" and Biomedical Industry Industry High Quality Development Press Conference, Wuxi Huishan District Committee, District Government The implementation of the high-quality development of the "Three Economics" and Biopharm Industry has been introduced, and the route and task book developed "three major economies" and biomedical industries, clearly refers to the development of digital economy, headquarters economy, hub The main target positioning of the economic and biomedical industry.

Developing the "Three Economics" and Biomedical Industries in Huishan District to seek "Industrial Basic High-end and Industrial Chain Modernization". According to the work deployment of the district committee region, the District Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Science and Technology Bureau, and research on the high-quality development of the three major economic and biomedical industry, fully solicited opinions of relevant departments and enterprises, and convene a discipline, constantly The preparation of the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the High Quality Development of Digital Economics" "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the High Quality Development of Headquarters" "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the High Quality Development of Hubs" and "About Accelerating the Development of Biological Medicine Industry Development" Implementation Opinions, the government agreed by the district party district government, is now officially issued.

Among them, the implementation of digital economic implementation mainly includes three parts: the main task and security measures, summarized as "finding Huishan Positioning", "proposing the development goals", "clear key task", "strengthening protection measures"; Headquarters economic implementation opinion main opinion Including the overall goals, key tasks, service guarantee three parts, summarized as a master, six key tasks, two service guarantees; hub economic implementation opinions mainly include development goals, main tasks and policies support three parts, summarized " Taking the hub aggregation industry, "excellent layout energy level", "policy promotion".

Implementation of biomedical industry mainly includes some of the development goals, key areas, key tasks, safeguards, etc.

On the spot, Huishan District General Wu Jianyuan clarifies the development of the "three major economic" and biomedical industries, clearly refers to the main target positioning of the development of digital economy, headquarters economy, hub economic and biomedicine industry. Building a digital economic development demonstration area of ??the province, with "digital industrialization, industry digitalization" as the main line, in-depth promotion of information technology and physical economics, especially manufacturing.

By 2022, the high-quality development pattern of digital economy in the region was basically formed. By 2025, the level of digital economic development in the region was significantly improved. Basically formed a digital economic system with strong core competitiveness, Huishan Digital Economic Development Index ranked by the provincial and city. At the same time, construction has become a headquarters economic brand area with important influence in Wuxi and even Jiangsu.

On the one hand, actively cultivate local advantageous industrial headquarters companies, on the other hand, actively attract domestic and foreign headquarters companies.

By 2022, it has reached more than 12 headquarters companies.

By 2025, the headquarters companies were not less than 15, and the total operating income of more than 5 billion companies were not less than 2, with at least 1 unit of more than 10 billion yuan. Accelerating the construction of advanced manufacturing, modern service industry, strategic emerging industries The main headquarters economy system.

Accelerate the new highland of the long triangle hub.

2025, road freight throughput reached 55 million tons, railway freight throughput reached 2 million tons, waterway freight throughput strive to 2.5 million tons, high-speed rail passenger distribution ability, land logistics integration ability is strongly improved, hub economy Huishan high quality development important economic brands. It has become a bio-pharmaceutical industry with distinctive development of the Yangtze River Delta industry.

By the end of 2022, the innovation capacity and core competitiveness of the regional biomedical industry increased sharply, and the scale benefits increased steadily, achieving more than 7 billion yuan in biomedicine industry, focusing on the main business income of more than 100 million companies, more than 100 million 10 companies in the company, more than 10 million single varieties reached more than 20, cultivate 5-10 listed backup enterprises, forming a batch of biomedical brands with higher reputation and influence; attracting innovative entrepreneurship high-level talent projects 30, creating a highland of genetic talents in the innovation of biomedicine industries; achieving full coverage of research and development institutions in large and medium-sized biomedical production enterprises, and the annual annual development of biomedical enterprises above the large-scale bio-pharmaceutical enterprises is higher than the total area. Next, Huishan District will strengthen organizational leadership, increase fund support, strengthen supervision and assessment, do a good job in policy publicity, and promote the implementation of policies and fall, and strive to achieve solid results.

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