AIDS prevention and control work in Gansu Province has achieved remarkable results

Original title: The effectiveness of AIDS prevention and control in our province has achieved remarkable today is the 34th "World AIDS Day", the Provincial Health and Health Committee informs the progress of AIDS prevention and control work in Gansu Province. According to the report, after years of hard work, Gansu Province AIDS prevention and treatment has formed a working mechanism of "government organization leaders, multi-sectoral linkage, all society to participate".

By strengthening measures such as service network construction, publicity education, high-risk behavioral intervention and monitoring and testing, the treatment coverage is expanding, and social organization participation is continuously in-depth and prevention and control work has achieved remarkable results.

According to statistics, since the first AIDS case reported in 1993, 10,128 cases of HIV infected patients / AIDS patients were reported at the end of October 2021, and 8428 cases of HIV-infected people and AIDS were survived. The accumulated report was 1,700 From January to October 2021, 1067 cases of HIV infection and AIDS were reported in the province. Among them, 817 cases of HIV infection, 250 cases of AIDS patients; 7317 patients with free antiviral treatment, the treatment coverage rate is%, compared to last year rise%. The injection of drug abuse is zero, and the maternal and child spread have been basically blocked. Gansu Province is an AIDS low pop province. At the end of 2020, the infection rate of AIDS in the province is approximately / million (national / million), and the number of reported cases is ranked 25th in 31 provinces (districts) in the country. Since the first case of HIV infection in Gansu Province, the provinces (city, district) have HIV-infected people / AIDS case report, the top three in the top three, the top three, the city is Lanzhou City, Tianshui City and Linxia Prefecture The proportion is%; sexual pathways have become the main way for AIDS transmission in Gansu Province, and HIV-infected people and HIV in HIV in July, 2021, and the viratory pathways often account for%. With the development of socio-economic, urban and rural population flows accelerates, and social lifestyle is increasing, and the key points and difficulties of AIDS prevention in Gansu Province are also increasingly prominent.

Especially with the wide application of the Internet, the difficulty of AIDS communication intervention is constantly increasing.

Next, Gansu Province will continue to expand the monitoring and inspection cover, promote the construction of AIDS consultation and testing, establish and improve monitoring points and testing networks, increase comprehensive intervention of high-risk groups and key populations. At the same time, expand anti-viral therapy and health education coverage, improve the treatment level and availability, and improve the knowledge of AIDS prevention and treatment knowledge in all people.

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