Children’s Guardian · Live Micro Class: Dr. Lu Jinghua’s happiness psychology sharing

CCTV News: On July 31, CCTV "Children’s Guardian" invited Ph.D. of medical psychology, and conducts the theme as a mother. I have to understand a happy psychology live minimal share. The courses are both necessary to hold their mothers, and Dr. Lu Jinghua has shared the summer child holiday through the theoretical approach of happiness, facing the trouble and anxiety of countless, and how young mothers should get happiness feel. Mom, I can’t change again from that moment from my child.

But who is the troubles of mothers? In the face of life, where is the happiness of mom? Women are more concerned about women, as a mother-in-law, how to better balance work and families? What kind of way does it need to be self-regulating and eventually get a happiness? A full-time mother in the family, in the face of the east parents, the mother-in-law, the husband’s uncomfortable, the two children continue to pressure, how should I adjust itself to get happiness? Sharing Dr. Lu Jinghua in Live Site: Faced with the pressure of work and family, we must first set out his mind and clarify its focus on this stage.

If you want to pay more attention to your child and your family, you must do it well in your work. If you are pressed by your boss; if you focus on your work, you will definitely pay attention to your child and your family, you must get your family in advance, especially Is my husband’s understanding.

Next is to adjust your mindset, I found a small confidence in life, get happiness. What is happiness? Happiness is like a starry sky, consisting of a small, determined happiness. There is also to clarify that the acquisition is helpless is everyone, don’t be self-purple, deny yourself, should be indifferent to the positive psychological face. Finally, through the ABC theoretical analysis, facing the mentality of the event, how to get a happiness by adjusting the mentality, orientation, etc. Last broadcast, Dr. Lu Jinghua said that only step-by-step, and the mentality of taking the mentality can be truly happiness.

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