Little people Jiang Chao can go to burn high fragrance today

“Little people” Jiang Chao can go to burn high fragrance today
Photo courtesy of the artist “Longling Grottoes” stills “Wulin Gaiden” stills Web drama “Longling Grottoes”, Jiang Chao plays one of the protagonists Wang Fatzi, this is his 28 years of practice, appeared in more than 100 worksA rare super IP drama.This made his satisfaction meet expectations, “For a person in his forties, it is the actor’s greatest luck to work with such a professional and large production team.When referring to Jiang Chao, the audience would rather call him “Li Dazui” or “Little Jiang”.The success of the sitcom “Stories of Cooking Class” and “Wulin Gaiden” made Jiang Chao, who was full of joy, walk out of the poor days when he needed to rely on the dragon to run his life.In the past 14 years of “Wulin Gaiden”, most of the other actors have become very popular, but Jiang Chao still sticks to the golden supporting role.”I can get to today and let so many audiences know that I am already lucky to burn high incense. What more‘ bikes ‘?”A makes Wang Fatzi more cute. He is just a real, earthy ordinary person. Jiang Chao is good at playing small people. He also likes the role. He believes that there are big heroes in small people.” Just like myself, life is an unwillingness.The little guy who showed up.But I can act now and have been followed by so many people. I think this kind of life is very good. Such talents are real.”Before” Longling Grottoes “, including Huang Bo and Jiang Wu, at least eight actors played” Wang Fatzi “in different versions of” Ghost Blowing Lamp “.  Wang Kaixuan in the “Longling Grottoes” is a standard “fat man” figure, smiling happily, loves money greedily, and ridicules as if he had just returned from Beijing Panjiayuan.In contrast, Wang Kaixuan in the original book is more “mixed and not stingy”.This also makes this version of the witty Wang Kaixuan surrounded by polar evaluation.Some fans believe that Jiang Chao ‘s version of “Wat Fatty” has too many people in the market. He would rather take advantage of the small price and never lose money.In addition, it looks like “Li Dazui”.  Instead, Jiang Chao believes that Wang Kaixuan and Li Dazui do have similarities-true, there are shortcomings, but they are equally strong and soft.”Everyone has a different understanding of Wang Kaixuan. Just like me and Wang Kaixuan, both of whom were born in the army compound, they both love to reason, they do n’t cause trouble or they are not afraid of things, and they do n’t do anything at all.And Wang Kaixuan is even more powerful, he is still an ordinary person in the tide of history.”Jiang Chao hopes that the fat Wang Wang he created can be more authentic and grounded, trying to be cute and making it easier for everyone to accept.”  Satisfied with the life of filming, “Wulin Gaiden” has been aired for 14 years. During this period, many people have repeatedly questioned Jiang Chao. The co-actors in “Wulin Gaiden” have become very popular. Only he is still playing a supporting role andDo small people mind being compared in popularity?Jiang Chao never evaded this slightly offensive question, “What can I mind?”Sister Yan Ni, Yao Chen, Sha Yi, they are very good,” fire “should be.”In the past fourteen years, Jiang Chaowu has been enjoying himself in the state of” with drama “.He always recalled the hard days of playing water in the troupe and performing chores. “Now there are roles for me to pick. When someone invites me, they still call me” Mr. Jiang “.I couldn’t think of such a dream for two months.”He hopes that whether it is the protagonist or supporting role, he can stick to the field of small people and work hard, always reminding himself how to climb from the well to the ground step by step.  B worked in drama, earned hundreds of dollars in a month, and even lived a difficult life. Jiang Chao did not feel confused.He has only one goal-to do everything he can to survive in Beijing. “People who think about survival will never be confused. Only in order to survive can they have the opportunity to be confused for life.”Before” The Story of the Cooking Class “, Jiang Chao had a seven-year career in the dragon set.  In 1992, 17-year-old Jiang Chao was admitted to the Air Force Repertory Theatre literature class, inheriting the ambition of the military family and becoming a literary soldier.In the same year because of his strong body, he quickly got his first role-General Wei Xu in “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.Although there were only three scenes, Jiang Chao was in a state of excitement throughout.However, this has become his most popular role in the next seven years.  In order to make money, in addition to occasionally earning some dubbing work, Jiang Chao spent a period of time doing chores in the troupe, turning on the water, carrying the track, and barely struggling to rely on the hundreds of dollars of the troupe every month.He once revealed in an interview that once he followed the crew into the mountains and filmed a movie. After the big troops returned to dinner, they discovered that a track fell in the mountains.Jiang Chao ran back on the mountain road for forty minutes. As a result, he didn’t even give him a day lily, and only one person handed over half of the buns he had already nibbled.  Even so, the chores are not every day.Once idle, Jiang Chao soaked in Sanlian Taofen Bookstore next to the museum.It was the first place in Beijing that allowed readers to read books for free.For at least three years, Jiang Chao often bought a loaf of bread and a bottle of mineral water. He rode a bicycle from the troupe to a bookstore early in the morning and transformed into a pier that could sit and read a book, and stayed for a whole day.From reportage, prose to classics, the all-encompassing reading opened a door for Jiang Chao.”I still benefit from the days of studying in those years.Your outlook on life and world will become more open, and your experience as an actor will also become more abundant.C Shangjing is a distinguished professional, Xiao Jiang. His big mouth is remembered to be lucky. In every interview, he always politely calls the reporter a “teacher”; he will sincerely express gratitude at the end.Someone on the street blurted out “Little Jiang” and “Big Mouth”, and even the other party couldn’t say “Jiang Chao” for a long time, and he was happy to nod.”A lot of actors have masterpieces, but everyone can remember the role I played, how rare it is!”Jiang Chao’s three turnarounds in his career were inseparable from director Shang Jing.  In 1999, the Kongzheng Repertory Theatre rehearsed the play “Wings of Peace”, with Shang Jing as the director, starring Wang Xueqi and Wang Chao, and the third main character, Hei Ta ‘s A corner, was Hong Jiantao.Later, due to various reasons, Hong Jiantao did not participate in the show, and the opportunity suddenly fell to the 23-year-old B Jiao Jiang Chao.This is the drama “Xiao Jiang” who opened the water. For the first time, he has the opportunity to stand on the stage as the protagonist.”Some people may give up gradually when they feel that hope is slim, but I would rather wait.”The role of Heita spanned from 19 to 70 years old, which is a great test for actors.The group was filled with the questioning voice of “the leading role in a small theater”, and many people exchanged roles, but Shang Jing insisted on rehearsal before deciding.During the rehearsal, Jiang Chao’s state was on the verge of “magic stun”. He was worried about severe insomnia every day and could only sleep for three to four hours, losing a lot of hair.In order to better explain the old age, he used his many years of voiceover experience to try to approach the character’s vicissitudes of voice first, and then gradually grasp the performance accurately.Until the end of the first rehearsal with makeup, Shang Jing commented, “The role of Black Tower has stood on the stage.”This sentence also made Jiang Chao’s actor career, and then stood up.  After this cooperation, three years later, Shang Jing planned to make the TV series “The Story of the Cooking Class”. Jiang Chao became one of the initially determined actors. “Little Jiang” was also tailor-made for Jiang Chao.Then in 2006, Shang Jing played the third “point general” Jiang Chao as the ground-breaking character in “Wulin Gaiden”.If “The Story of the Cooking Class” gave Jiang Chao a masterpiece of life, “Wulin Gaiden” made him a national actor.Although later due to image limitations, Jiang Chao did not receive a new script for almost a year, but after experiencing Ji Jilai, he found himself lucky enough.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Zhanghe