[The practice of Hong Kong style fried rice]_How to make iron plate

[The practice of Hong Kong style fried rice]_How to make iron plate

Fried rice is a very important kind of food in people’s life. It is a dish made from rice. It has the characteristics of complete color and fragrance, so it is loved by people.

There are many types of fried rice and cooking methods. Different cooking methods have been created due to the eating habits of different regions. For example, Hong Kong-style fried rice is a very classic dish. Let’s take a look at the practice of Hong Kong-style fried rice.

There are some differences between Hong Kong-style iron plate fried rice and iron plate fried rice. From the selection and treatment of rice to the cooking process and method, the feeling of natural entrance is also different.

Ingredients: Hong Kong-style rice (family: 1-2 bowls of rice), chicken chop, pork tenderloin, barbecued pork accessories: green onion 1 g carrot 1 root ginger 1 garlic 1 coriander 1 g cumin 1 spoon sesame 1 spoon old soySpoon soy sauce 1-2 spoon iron plate fried rice method 1, ginger and garlic chopped green onion barbecued pork and sliced carrot shredded coriander section, fried chicken fillet and spared.

2, cumin sesame (break the rice with chopsticks, pour a small amount of old soy sauce, wash your hands, grab the soy sauce and rice with your hands and set aside).

3, oil hot pot + scallion ginger and garlic minced pot + carrot shredded.

4. After the carrots are sautéed, char siu, pork tenderloin, chicken steak.

5. Pour the soy sauce into the rice and stir-fry it a few times. When the rice grains are glowing, you can put some chives on the pan before the pan.

Cooking Tips 1. How can eggs be tender?

Make sure the pot is hot and reduce the heat when the oil starts to smoke. At this time, the egg sauce will be tender and fluffy when fried. 2. The diced carrots will be nutritious if eaten with oil.General type of fried rice, the leftovers are better broken with chopsticks; 4, put the salt Hong Kong-style iron plate fried rice before the pan Features: 1, grains into the taste, the grains are bright.

2, retain the natural rice fragrance.

3. The entrance is not greasy.

Production tips: 1. Cantonese-style bacon is used. The bacon is more fragrant and not salty. Other salty bacon or smoked ones are not suitable for fried rice.

2, Cantonese-style waxy taste is relatively dry and hard, it must be steamed before use, the soup is fragrant, can be added to fried rice and fried together.