[Cold water or boiling tea can lower blood sugar?

】 _Lowering blood sugar_How to soak

[Cold water or boiling tea can lower blood sugar?
】 _Lowering blood sugar_How to soak

In daily life, most people have the habit of drinking tea. Especially middle-aged and elderly people drink tea most commonly. Everyone knows that many middle-aged and elderly people are suffering from high blood sugar intake. These people should choose the right tea to drink.Some teas do have a hypoglycemic effect, but in order to obtain better hypoglycemic effects, you need to master the correct method of making tea, just like the temperature of the water in the tea.

Cold water tea has a hypoglycemic effect: tea is one of the oldest beverages in human beings. Since ancient times, it has been boiled water to reconstitute tea. However, many people do n’t know that tea brewed in cold water has the same flavor and fragrance.Seep out.

The most important thing is that cold water tea will definitely help the health of diabetes.

Tea polyphenols is a general term for polyphenols in tea. It has been proven to have functions such as reducing blood sugar and lipids, preventing hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, and cancer.

Tea pigment is an oxidized polymer of tea polyphenols. It can also have certain intervention effects on diabetes, just like tea polyphenols.

In addition, tea pigment also has a role in lowering cholesterol, and has certain preventive and therapeutic effects on complications of diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis.

When brewed with hot water, the dual substances that have a hypoglycemic effect in tea will be severely destroyed, and hot water will easily bubble out theophylline and caffeine in tea, which will not help reduce sugar.

The cold boiling water tea needs to be prolonged, so that the polysaccharide components in the tea are fully brewed, and the long handle has a better adjuvant treatment effect on patients with type 2 diabetes.

Tea is a symbol of Chinese drinks. Most people drink tea almost every day, and cold water tea is more convenient. As long as there is water, you can make tea anytime, anywhere.

Just have a little patience and wait for the cold water to brew the tea.

The research found that after boiling tea with boiling water, warm water, and cold water, the tea’s multiple contents in tea water were about 19%, 32%, and 78%, respectively.

Therefore, cold boiling water tea has a good hypoglycemic effect, especially with mineral water or purified water replaced by impurities.

Crude tea and green tea have higher tea polysaccharide content, while black tea has some.

10 grams of green tea leaves are soaked in mineral water for 1 hour, 50-150 ml each time, 3 times a day, put in the dining room.