[What do you do when a woman is crazy depressed and want]

[What do you do when a woman is crazy depressed and “want”]

Chinese society’s indoctrination of female sexuality is that if you ever wanted to have sex or masturbate than men, don’t expect men to meet your sexual needs.

In people’s minds, women are the ones who don’t want to have sex.

If men say yes, women just say yes or no. They want women to open their legs, and women adapt to them.

But what if it is women who “enjoy” sex?

I mean, don’t every man dream of having a sexual girlfriend?

Isn’t such a woman worth being desired?

If a woman wants to have sex all day long, why can’t she be caught all day long?

Women do n’t always have a choice, right?

If men always wanted that, wouldn’t it be a great surprise for a woman who has always been sexually active?

The answer is usually no, and this is a problem that people rarely expect in relationships.

What happens if a woman decides to assert this right?

As a woman, what happens if you compromise your boyfriend’s sexual needs?

You will “crazy” crazy even if you know that it is normal to want to love, but you will want to go crazy fast. What is wrong with you?

You are letting this thing ruin the relationship that can actually be very healthy and happy, and also ruining the wonderful thing of sex, the situation is terrible.

The indoctrination of women in society is that if you masturbate more often than men, it is a problem. Others will say that if you believe that men will meet your needs, you are really crazy.

The problem is with you, you are the unreasonable person.

You will always feel nervous because you just can’t make your cravings disappear, there is no healthy way to reduce sexual desire (will anyone want this?

), You will constantly contradict yourself in this situation.