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  ”You, you must not go too far!This has always been on the coins, I love to do!”
  Zhou Mao Shen reached for the money on the table, Wang faster than his actions, gave a go fishing.
  ”Wang, what are you doing?!”
  ”What?”Wang Yang neck,” How can you give something out to recover the truth, this is not that what you.That gentleman’s style ah!”
  Shen Zhou Mao can not talk to a woman robbed, she looked into the arms of hides money, his杭州夜网论坛 gas teeth itch.
  Paul Chun renowned for lips and stir up a little.
  ”I said, just like you solve hundred pence marriage, if you get it out on the go.”
  She put the book in front of face child marriage solution Shen Zhou Mao to tear.
  Mao Shen Zhou choking gas, Paul Chun, pointing to a few people, “You, you, you barbarians, almost lawless, shameless, a violation of the Women!”
  Paul Chun laughed, “Those things eat it?”
  ”especially you!Saying of Confucius, the only woman and the villain is also difficult to raise, I today be seen all!”
  Mao Shen Zhou spoke gas are trembling, Paul Chun hear him want to laugh more archaisms.
  ”You learn a few words of Confucius and Mencius come to show off?”She dig Taoer Duo,” Zhou scholar as well as I do for you, nothing on the go, you see here the place is so small, you can not tolerate a big scholar.”
  Zhou Mao sank think today also break off an engagement is not a loss of the usual coins.
  Wang village eight miles this person knows that as long as the money into her hand, do not think to pull out.
  Mao Shen Zhou resigned,北京风月网 he can not throw good money after bad.
  ”Give me the money!”
  ”Why the hell to you, now my!”
  Mao and Wang Shen Zhou tear for a long time, touched Wang, Wang sitting on the ground Sapo, the sound of shouting and miserable rang, attracted many onlookers who blocked the door of the court.

  Tomorrow is a rest day, it has done similar work Pei ginger and after the event Shenzhuolanyao out of the den door, the living room is the den is on today’s living room, and usually not the same, on the desktop Pei Naochun of belonging to the tea set has been received inside the cabinet, and now on top, is decorated with semi-finished blocks, did not quite come out the finished product is what you would look like.
  Kurtis is on the living room floor, covered with a long-haired carpet, every month replacement, very clean, ginger and Pei past, barefoot at the top, and then hunker down, continue to study since half of the giant model to study this before dinner.
  When people’s brains, always easy to feel tired, control the TV drama is not a small description alone research is necessary to study a little while, Jiang Pei and opened the drawer hand under the table, neatly placed inside Wang Zi brand snacks, are removed from the inside out spree.
  Yes, these are all my father to buy him a gift.
  Probably, this is the legendary please?Pei Jiang and his heart did not know to how to describe my father to do these things.
  After a day of “food bomb” hit him, and that is my father’s gift offensive, father does not know where to give birth to the idea of change from outside every day to buy gifts back method, but this gift is ready, there is always subtle.
  First, several large sets of Wang Zi spree, as a child, Wang Zi advertising, almost every day in the round on television, what use sip of sugar, your mother to send you a little milk are brainwashed to the extent of energy in that time, Jiang Pei and most like to eat snacks, basically Wang Zi’s, and holidays will buy the Wang Zi spree, and probably his childhood, recalls one of the most interesting.
  Of course, at that time, buy a home these “Gift” never not belong to him, my father and mother will be 11 years in the distribution of good, then go outside to mention giving the New Year, when Jiang Pei and carefully proposed the idea want to eat, but was immediately rejected, then the parents of the explanation is that this is to give as gifts, not to give you eat, and vaguely remember Pei Jiang, himself a big cry.
  That day, looking at the Wang Zi spree FCL, ginger and Pei is rejected, he was not a child, do not eat these snacks, but looking at his father’s ardent eyes, he really can not refuse, only “reluctance” to eat a few, not to mention really, strange delicious.
  And then, the next day his father brought a puppy simulation – Speaking of which, Pei ginger and really want to have too many places Tucao father, puppy visually quite expensive, feels like real hair, beat his head still yelping, eyes blinking from time to time, you can then really, this is a toy dog, he does not understand, he’s the one meter eighty seven meters faster “strong man”, how to let he loved his father give birth to the idea of holding a baby to sleep it?Then how, the newspaper is not a big dinosaur.?This puppy, simply kill him power and prestige.
  Pei Naochun’d explains: “A and, dad remember you particularly like a dog before, but now you academic pressure, Dad often not at home, if you buy the dog back, can not take care of, so my father much deliberation, I chose this.”
  This explanation, he was not accepted, but will not admit it and Jiang Pei, dogs are now safe local standing in his bed, before going to bed every day, he will have to cis puppy back, patted its head.
  Jiang Pei once feel at home and become what gift exhibition, those childhood memories are a little bit tapped, what plasticine even, actually there secretly carrying a family to play nose mud primary school, a box of fifty cents that, my father did not know where to buy; there when he secretly kept in a mineral water bottle, came close to being my mother drank, cursed and finally against him are mixed male and female water spirit; like a m苏州夜网ini sample of toothpaste, Dad is coated on the toothbrush take bubble gum.
  He seemed a moment back to his childhood, and he went back to childhood, as well as my father around – Pei ginger and probably the first time in life realized that their own father, actually quite naive, only two people sit together, a tinker with these small things, but also will be able to laugh and be surprised.
  For example, the glue will grow Christmas trees stained the snow – my father actually seen it with magic, gingerly took a few good photos, said to be a souvenir.
  Then the pair looked at my father, “look silly” Pei ginger and disk proceed smile in my heart that the sound naive, but think this may be particularly cute dad.

He smiled, how she would take him away?

Even after Han Shen asked her mind, she has acquiesced he followed her, if she has a little bit relu深圳桑拿ctant, loving daughter of Han Shen I’m afraid the first time will Hudu son, and will not give the opportunity to let Weiqi Hui behind her.

Weiqi Hui after it finished bowed his head, heart beat fast, the moment the Soviet Union secretly looked exquisite want to see the reaction, the result of suddenly being pulled hand.

It was a pair with a bit of moisture and 深圳桑拿网coolness hand, is different from the man’s hand, incredible soft, white with their bronze in stark contrast.

She actually pull the hand, what does that mean?!

Got a bad heart, he looked up at her face, a short distance from him, under the startled agitated, a palm itch, her fingers in his palm a hook.

Yi Chan himself, but felt cold soft lips touched his lips.

Bombers moment, lost all ability to think, he even felt he was not dreaming.

Head heavy knock in the wall of the carriage.

That suddenly heard, so that the outside of the driver also heard.

  Ho Ho Ji Ze do not accept civilian-turned-girlfriend, her lack of recognition of Ho.
  If you can recognize return home like a leaf, and He Jiagong child daughter leaves home, how to match.
  Considered too difficult to return home leaves, leaf patriarchal family, living on the outside of the girl unless legislationUnder great service, or have a special talent, will it be possible to let the stigma leaves home.
  If she has blue chilling fog, it must be.
  But the chilling fog early lost the blue.
  An Sichaoqi广州桑拿网fu Shen Ye, Cheng Yu was surprised to find young side took the invitations, calm torn in half, “She does not need this.”
  Ji Ho Chak breathing thicker, “how do you know she did not need this?You outrage.”
  Lennon quiet indifferent, “She is my mother.She participated in charity dinner Ho, and do not need invitations.”

Chapter 36
  ”you.”I glared at Ji Ze.
  Ye Shen intended to ease the students from the fear, involuntary to step back.
  Qi Cheng Yu beside the handsome young man is not extraordinary how overbearing, but more deep quiet tolerance deter people power.
  ”You do not know Xiaoyu.”He Ji Ze sad,” Stephanie Ho has always wanted to get into her dream of going into the high society.This invitations, you know how long she waited?do you know?”
  Lennon was so quiet, “she wants me naturally give her, What hast thou.”
  Came the pleasant evening breeze innocent laughter, “Dad, Mom, I’m coming.”
  Flower of a little girl ran to the side.
  ”Hee hee, a little slow.”The little boy ran after her.
  ”Amassing, you do not I’m going.”Little girl giggling.
  Ho Ji Ze saw two children, became a heartbreaking seventeen eight.

  This time is no longer a temporary teacher, but with the identity of their predecessors, with the perspective of someone who has to watch these kids growing up.
  This is also Su Su Cheng Sheng Ran to the first resource.
  Sheng Ran is a type of dancing and singing women love beans, not for love beans off the aura of transformation actors do, but if she has the strength and interest, you can turn the singer in the true sense, after all, the market is constantly changing groups love beans many star-making factory, it is the idol group of a group of such external output, the slightest mistake, it will be to catch up with people, especially Sheng Ran, she dropped out of group, a ghost that will not have the previous Tuanfen because of her exit directly to black, so to orange entertainment, Sheng Ran must continue to maintain continuity of heat to appear in public view is necessary.
  ”I mean, no tour, you can run Variety.”
  ”The best is the resident guest.”
  This is the advice given by Cheng Su Su.
  Compare follow the laws of the market.
  Reality TV variety special fire nearly two years, from the beginning to today bought the cop都市兔兔yright of the original class of the introduction of foreign, are springing up like endless, because the key also did not reduce the amount of their own ratings, not exaggerated said that there are many stars over the air by the variety meteoric rise since become a variety of coffee it!
  Moreover, on the current situation, but also multi-variety coffee paycheck to amazing.
  Cheng Su Su Sheng Ran will of course respect the decision, but now that she came over and asked her opinion, and she naturally want to say what she thinks unreservedly to her.
  Also a coincidence, and this coincides with plans and Sheng Ran.
  Sheng Ran thought the problem had only resident.
  Imposed for further development, like her, is a new song concert, the musicians of the early market than ever before, has not as popular so fanatical, she is not respected in北京风月会所 the true sense of the kind of old-timers, if not amazing work hard to solid powder difficult to take root in this circle and vigorous, like Su Su Cheng said, unless another way, in a mixed variety show at the same time a further extension, their own achievements in other areas, so as not to let yourself quit the coffee place.
  Ran Cheng Su Su Sheng is more than clear to people’s hardships group debut.
  Not only is his debut difficult process, it is difficult in sudden fame brings surprises, and suddenly disappeared in the sea of people’s disappointment accommodating,.
  She instability is indeed exist.
  She is also true about the outcome of the current place.

  Tang Tang silent to his drum had a palm, guess really accurate, et al withdraw from the home page, this comment has been Cengceng rub praise to the most Lively.
  [Mouth so sweet, will speak on the point to say.]
  [I can not mention this person out of your eyes sting you?]
  [Tang Tang this year compulsory education who do not read, you Pengci Yan Yan with it?]
  La Tang Siu-tong out corpse, she said Pengci, Tang Tang is really good oh wronged.
  Originally thought that this world is another of Yan Yan’s novels themselves, Tang Tang is also prepared to find an opportunity to know about, but now they find elsewhere -.Looking at the full screen support for Yan Yan, Tang Siu-tong of irony, Tang Tang instant no mood.
  Then look down and finally managed to have a vocal fan of Tang Tang, can not represent the last straw with Tang Tang played, the result has been besieged a group of people.
  [Original Tang Tang Yan Yan with appearances, appearance fees yet to?]
  Dozens of comments greetings together, small fans scare word did not dare return, Tang Siu-tong are watching for the little aggrieved fans.
  Has turned down a few comments in praise of a Kiyoiro finally found one,
  [Powder is not black, but some doubts, Yan Yan is not used to speaking British English do, how to say this is American?]
  Tang Tang finger meal, point to open this comment.
  [Pull is British English than American English sucker nice.]
  [English said before now can not be said of the American?]
  [British American friends do not have much difference, Yan Yan to the United States some time ago, perhaps influenced by, say her language talent is so good, it will also British American it is very normal?]
  Yeah you a sittin北京桑拿g duck.
  And she does not remember how this time you’ve been the United States?
  Tang Tang homeopathic found the world of microblogging Yan Yan, turned down less than two, you see a selfie map, positioning really in the United States.
  Tang Tang glanced at the time, one month ago.
  Tang Tang guarantee, the reality of their own, there is no longer visited the United States a month before the holiday movie.
  Tang Tang frowned head phone ends up in his pocket, silent sitting in the back seat.

  When she thought of this, to hear White Pond said: “Bingo!”
  Yu rumor: “?”
  White Pond told her: “This man Huoling, blessing children and grandchildren is not very busy, but in fact is not thin, normal levels of it.But, he dissolute no way like that, and not even children.”
  Beauty a北京夜网round every day and every night farewell to plunder, not even children.White Pond did not see accurate information from the Division of emotions, but also know that eight out of ten | nine in question.
  Now that I think you will understand, if he children and grandchildren, two inside in case there is a very promising how to do?That is Gaosi him, but also fail Huo Yi ascended the throne.
  White Pond to get the recognition, Yu rumor must b深圳桑拿网e more firmly decided to hitch Huoling!
  As the saying goes, to hold the man’s heart must first hold the man’s stomach – this she could not, she is less likely to cook.
  But saying says, men are thinking animal with the lower body – she can be aggressive in this regard!
  After all, she lived my whole life, and it has become a marriage, in this regard, she master, round trip.
  So, when Huo Ling Mu complete bath back to the house, opened a bed net, I saw her graceful posture.
  She Yu-yi, lounging, pajamas and a half stripped off, exposing the white side of the shoulder, Crisp | chest looming.Carefully stained lips just at this time seems more Hongyan, the book’s most glamorous enchanting female demon, but so.
  Huoling trying centering guilt told him today to see the original Queen, it has been so bad, but not good to go too far.
  But this sentence, did not want to end the opportunity.
  She took third of lazy, kneeling up, rubs up against him, thin and long legs full of provocative to be hooked him.
  She climbed into his body, beautiful eyes, lips, slender neck are within easy reach.
  In their feelings, he was originally defeated in that a first.Once she was back and forth like that, he still does not fit, she led too painful.
  Holds many lessons, she was so fierce offensive, deeply moved by this enthusiasm, where he Go On.
  Soon, he vehemently kissing her, leaned back in her bed, kissing one begins to decline.
  She reached Quche his belt, he also explore lace on her pajamas.
  I called her again, his voice already hoarse: “A ballad -”

Chapter 31 juvenile emperor fell in love with me (8)
  Night lingering, too short **.

“Do not here.”Su-Wan pushed him busy, not the origin of a guilty conscience, ‘I, I never thought about it.’
“You do not answer me.”Shen Huan will be determined to look into her eyes and said,” I’m more concerned about you behind the words.Whether I’m kind of identity, to become what he looks like, you really w南宁夜网ill never betray you?”
Su Wan without a word.
Shen Huan gave a short laugh, with some deliberately lure of taste, said: “Why not admit?This king is afraid to make fun of you do?”
“I did not refuse to admit, is so what?I.”
Saying half, she realized that the wrong thing Tude, could not help a little face red.
“Meow meow meow!”I fell to the ground again lost some of dumpling angrily at the two call out.It is around two side, and pushed between the two men, squatting down.
This release Shen Huan Su Wan, the dumpling on the ground hold up: “Be nice.”He must’ve authentic,” the king like obedient boy.”
“Meow.”Dumpling immediately pleasing to rub the rub his hands, then lovingly reduction in his arms, a pair of water Lingling eyes wide open, innocent face look.

Jing’an Wang Shizi in the end still worried about the safety of Zhou Yu soft.He doubts depressed heart, Zhou went to look soft.
Not just material through the corridor, we can see oncoming ink charge.
She led her maid came up and call out to him: “Seiko.”
“It’s you?”Jing’an Wang Shizi slight frown, authentic look of impatience,” What did you do?I’m not asking you to stay right in Fuchu?”
Ink has not yet speak Dutch, behind the servant girl has been exposed face angry look.Dutch until the ink was secretly pulled a convergence of the face, her warm voice answered the question Jing’an Wang Shizi: “The eldest son, I’m just worried.Miss safety, was now over.The last thing that I have done wrong, almost to the birth of Prince and Miss gap, the future will not happen.”
Ranging from Jing’an Wang Shizi opening, she added: “People will just Yan Yue Pavilion of Prince sent a custom-made bow.Before heir to say to Miss a surprise Tanabata night, I’m afraid eldest son of worry, especially over the zone.”
Know yourself misunderstood her, flashed a minute unnatural Jing’an Wang Shizi Kiyotoshi face.He eased look, said: “I misunderstood you.”Meal, he said:” Now that you know a mistake, and that in the future keep up the good jade soft serve, you know.?”
“I certainly will.”Mexican Dutch laughed,” Come and see how this Seiko bow, if not satisfied, I took sending it back, let the store do it again.”
Then, she let the maid took a box filled with the bow forward.
Jing’an Wang Shizi open the box, picked up the casket bow careful look at it.
At this time, he saw Zhou soft figure appeared in front.A happy face, he stepped forward stride.
“Jade Sophie, just come back.”He Xianbao generally box handed to her, made fast fast language authentic,” This is the last time I deliberately make people bow made for you, you can try hands together?”
Zhou soft look of a stiff: “I.”
To keep up with come ink lotus heart sneer, but still maintain a gentle smile, warm words advised: “Miss, you come try not fit together hand, do not waste much thought of Prince.”

Chapter 111 repeat

Zhou different complexion soft, not stiff action in place.

  Subconsci北京夜生活网ously swallowed, Lin Junfeng think drink drinks stomach is boiling his body, clamoring let him staring at Jin Yu shift is not open eyes.

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  ”The little girl kinda generous ah!People look more attractive.”
  ”.”Jin Yu hungry laugh in the face of the card, this time there is any man dare boast the girl, unless Dandyism lecher.
  I think to yourself, if this Lin Junfeng dare nonsense, so in the end she is to maintain grace, let him say, was on the spot to freak a little color to look at this man, so that he knows what is respect for women.
  ”Lin Junfeng, you’re drunk.I serve you to rest.”
  ”I’m not drunk!Today you ask this girl is very good, the first time I see such a sight to behold girl.”
  To open Hui Lin Junfeng Li Wenxuan hand to help him, curious to see Jin Yu, as he just say, he was at home listening to those sisters who do not blame the tears ran, where they dare to openly standing here, can not help but wonder heart from ye.
  Li Wenxuan pushed himself full of crooked collar, pretending to look handsome, actually funny for Jin Yu Yi made a “niche just for girls had offended many, really sorry.They question the girl Fang-ming, the annual party geometry?”
  Soon Bao came from the top of the head, Jin Yu do not have openings, he hung up on the side of Muzi.
  Muzi hand and holding bamboo plaque, tall body stand in front of Jin Yu, he could not see people coming and going, only to see the front of this disrespectful Dandyism.
  Lin Junfeng a much more words, he gave him a fat beat posture.
  ”You get out!I want to talk to the girl.”Lin Junfeng Buyiburao Road, Muzi is a tall body block, petite Jin Yu can not see.
  ”Muzi brother.”Jin-day stop in fury obvious Muzi edge, today’s occasion even he does not know many things.
  ”Muzi, you come back.”Jin Yu just stunned for a moment, his face filled with a chill, and quickly ready Muzi called back, faint smile at himself stepped forward, not stand instability Lin Junfeng, said,” Lao son thinking about the.Rustic country girls, it is not worth mentioning.”
  ”Rustic beauty of country girls can be so, it is no ears ah.”
  Today also met afford approached the ancient version!
  ”Lin Junfeng, Lin Junfeng, I think you’re drunk€鏉¤儭鍚屽悗锛岃溅韬交杞讳竴鏅冿紝闅忓嵆杞﹀笜鎺€璧凤紝鑺簯甯搁捇杩涜溅閲屻€?






  Author has to say: three shifts

Chapter 23
  Ruan Fang Xiulan and rain, mother and daughter talking and laughing into the kitchen, saw Zhao Xiaoling standing next Zaotang, are pancakes, gooey corn and sour tea with minced on a piece Stir, attached to the pot along n北京夜网ext, will be much, is a glistening yellow tortilla.
  Nguyen looked at the rain, which made tortillas face today, see no mixed bran, sub-powder apparently.
  She Mouguang shimmering, turn your back against Fang Xiulan said, “Mom, let’s lunch halogen trotters, in a one-sided soup how to do?”Fang Xiulan good cooking, made out of one-sided soup children is a must.
  In particular, there is a halogen trotters, from the top down big fat slice a few pieces, thrown into the pot inside, so one-sided soup, it tastes Barbara smells can can smell in the courtyard of the old Ruan.
  Fang Xiulan see their own daughter spirit of good head, and my heart is also light and spacious, she should be a cry, “No problem, you go to your brother and go with plots that ditch there, give me a pinch tender celery water back!”
  Inside the moat planted with water celery, Ruanzhi Wen is dug from the river bank back there, these are vegetables, which are more rural, but a lot of people staring, Ruan Zhiwen clever, long ago staring at the river water celery next to the embankment, sprouted he took a hoe attached to the stalk with mud to dig back.
  Digging back to that thrown into the ditch inside plots, ditches throughout the year and more rain, and the sun shine, water celery from time to most places like this, and already dug a small basket back, and they eat often, this pinch once, long water celery and some more prosperous.
  And in the back yard, from the past, if the soup at home, then you can always go back to a pinch, keeping the whole flavor of the soup have mentioned a few of the fresh.
  Nguyen replied smiling rain, not enough time to turn around, the more his mouth a piece of lean meat, obviously Fang Xiulan when piece trotters, specifically to Nguyen rain left a piece of thin down, this is the year of the pig farm soil pork, fragrant Nguyen rain eyes narrowed to a go.
  Fang Xiulan see their own daughter like a hungry cat, she has a big piece of fat, “take the matter to eat your brother!”Fang Xiulan is a love of clean, also had a fine day, even a piece of meat she alone had a clean tender cabbage leaves to pack up,” your brother’s ox, so he was not even a dish eat!”
  Nguyen rain muzzled laugh, but still honest out.
  Nguyen rain went out, Ai-Chi no scruples, she immediately stood out from Zaotang there, went in front of Fang Xiulan, rub the hands, “the old three, which is very fragrant halogen trotters Yeah, you where to buy!”
  Zhou Xiuying half an hour ago, also took the broom to beating Zhao Xiaoling, Ai-sticks on the side watching, she remembered, otherwise it will have to reach out early to grab on, and how will bend angles and talking to!
  If we say Previously, Fang Xiulan will face a hint of their own sister, then previous thing, so she Ai-Chi thoroughly sick of it, “his friend had given her Guohua said that the rain to celebrate her good health, and not sister and children will rob it!”
  That one said, Ai-sticks a stiff body, Samsam said, “how could I rob children of!”Paused, some can not be reconciled,” rain, small appetite, how much a person could eat it!”
  Say, Say, I can help you eat it!
  Fang Xiulan smiled, a look of pride, “That’s all right, my three bedrooms and two kid, this one elbow, our family Zhiwu goods that foolish a person can eat clean!”